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5 February 2019

Hybrid Blockchain Game “Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” Bounty Campaign Launched

“Wild Block” recently raised $450 K seed round to deliver “Magic Gear” dApps development toolkit and announced a hybrid blockchain game “Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” to be the first title launched on this platform.

There is a unique opportunity to reserve unique Hero token for the “Imperial Rush” game during Bounty Campaign taking place from 5th February 2019. Limited Heroes acquired during Bounty Campaign will not be offered later.

The advantages of running decentralized applications on the open sourced and trustworthy smart contracts with pure ownership of in-app assets creates a major challenge for today’s state of the market.

The next generation on-line strategy game “Imperial Rush” utilizing distributed ledger technology to grant ownership of player’s assets and immutability of gameplay mechanics. Most anticipated features of the game include:

  • Collectible mighty Heroes in form of digital tokens;
  • Decentralized gaming world map formed by players;
  • Epic tactical battles to acquire new Heroes;
  • Evolving Heroes with unique combinations of crystals;
  • Establishing a Kingdom to claim your territory;
  • Trading valuable game assets on the open marketplace.

Every game asset is stored securely in digital wallet in the form of cryptographically unique token. Game assets can’t be diminished, removed or replaced without owner’s will. Almost every game asset has its value and can be traded or exchanged on integrated marketplace. All the heroes are unique collectible ERC-721 crypto tokens that can be freely transferred between multiply blockchains (like Ethereum and EOS).

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” development started in early 2018. Game release date is expected to be announced in 2019.

Please refer to official “Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” website for more information:


“Wild Block” is decentralized applications (dApps) developer utilizing distributed ledger technologies for dApps (decentralized applications) building elaborating a practical use of blockchain with focus on mass adoption by breaking the entry barrier via end-user education and gamification.

“Magic Gear” is a development toolkit and a platform to launch and run entertaining decentralized applications (dApps) with focus on education and usability to deliver mass adoption of distributed ledger technology in the gaming industry.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” is a hybrid blockchain strategy MMO game running in the form of dApps on multiple distributed ledgers. It allows to summon, evolve and trade with unique crypto collectible Hero tokens, establish a kingdom and master deep tactical combats to govern virtual territories on the gaming world map. Almost every game asset is a cryptographically unique token securely stored in player’s digital wallet with ownership rights ensured on the immutable blockchain.
Official website:


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