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12 October 2018

Decentralized Applications Developer “Wild Block” Raises $450 K Seed Round

“Wild Block” decentralized applications (dApps) developer secured a $450 K seed equity round led by private investors to bring an early prototype of “Magic Gear” platform and “Imperial Rush” dApp game title.

Here in Wild Block we stand for a practical implementation of decentralized ecosystems, building entertaining applications with logic designed from scratch to utilize core advantages of distributed ledger technology.

“Magic Gear” will allow for running decentralized applications in a convenient and user-friendly manner. It is also a powerful toolkit for dApps developers that significantly reduces time and costs to publish a new entertaining title on multiply blockchains. Its core idea is to simplify digital wallets usage to unlock the mass adoption of non-fungible tokens.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” will be the first title to be launched on “Magic Gear” platform and demonstrate all its advantages and possibilities to both developers and players.

The core aim of Wild Block's developments is to break the barrier for end-users adoption in DLT, achieving that with simplifying user experience, gamification and educating.

We believe there is still huge potential in a mass adoption of DLT in gaming industry and this approach will help drive this trend even further.

“Imperial Rush” Bounty Campaign will start 1 February 2019, offering players an opportunity to reserve genesis hero tokens and be among the first to try the game. Most heroes available during Bounty Campaign will be available exclusively for early adopters and will never be offered again.


“Wild Block” is decentralized applications (dApps) developer utilizing distributed ledger technologies for dApps (decentralized applications) building elaborating a practical use of blockchain with focus on mass adoption by breaking the entry barrier via end-user education and gamification.

“Magic Gear” is a development toolkit and a platform to launch and run entertaining decentralized applications (dApps) with focus on education and usability to deliver mass adoption of distributed ledger technology in the gaming industry.

“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” is a hybrid blockchain strategy MMO game running in the form of dApps on multiple distributed ledgers. It allows to summon, evolve and trade with unique crypto collectible Hero tokens, establish a kingdom and master deep tactical combats to govern virtual territories on the gaming world map. Almost every game asset is a cryptographically unique token securely stored in player’s digital wallet with ownership rights ensured on the immutable blockchain.
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