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18 September 2018

"Wild Block" Declares Principal Milestone in the Gaming Industry

A revolution is anticipated on the fusion of blockchain technologies within the $100-billion global games market demonstrating double-digit yearly growth.

Whilst traditional game studios are investigating how to adopt DLT (distributed ledger technology) in well-tested game models, crypto enthusiasts are attempting to repeat success of crypto collectibles by adding complimentary functions to non-fungible tokens.

Wild Block introducing an elaborated approach in games development with a focus on decentralized architecture and game logic designed uniquely tailored to accommodate blockchain technologies.

Historically in the gaming industry, all in-game items were issued and owned by developers with all game logic running on centralized servers. Any significant change in the game balance may deem all player's assets ceasing to exist, leading to an entire eradication of time-consuming achievements.

Blockchain transforms this concept with core game logic running packed in smart contracts in a decentralized environment granting unchangeable game rules and secure ownership of game assets by players. Hence game mechanics will differ dramatically, thus forcing game development to be treated in a very special way.

Wild Block aims to deliver products according to users needs with a graphically rich, entertaining and full-featured gameplay with deep economy and all the assets securely owned by players.

Core points recognized in Wild Block's approach are:

  • All game assets are player owned and can be transferred freely between players inside a closed game ecosystem;
  • A decentralized experience ensures there is no central server governed by its developers to host the game logic;
  • Developers cannot influence the game rules after the game is launched, so there is no way to diminish players' assets or influence their value;
  • Transparent ecosystem with every action in the game is recorded on the blockchain and can be checked on public block explorers.

The core aim of Wild Block's developments is to break the barrier for end-users adoption in DLT, achieving that with simplifying user experience, gamification and educating. There is still huge potential in a mass adoption of DLT in gaming industry and this approach will help drive this trend even further. Wild Block stands solely for practical implementation of DLT.

We believe blockchain can offer a lot more beyond trading, ICOs and speculations. Abstractly speaking, we recognize that the information stored in chain blocks nowadays makes as much sense as the history of speculative transactions being worth nothing.

Wild Block sees it their mission to enrich data stored in every block on the chain.


Wild Block utilizing distributed ledger technologies for dApps (decentralized applications) building elaborating a practical use of blockchain with focus on mass adoption by breaking the entry barrier via end-user education and gamification.


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